About… me

Hii guys!
I’m just a seventeen-year old girl trying to figure out who the hell I even am. I’m sure some can relate. ^^
I am establishing this blog to share my thoughts, my opinion on different topics, especially books, yaay! (but don’t be fooled by this determination, I’ll probably end up writing about all kinds of stuff^^) I hope you’ll like it (yep, I really do) and feel always welcome to join me and my thoughts! If you ever want to talk to me, the Contact page or the comment sections underneath my posts is always there for you. 🙂

But first of all, let me tell you what you need to know about me. 🙂

As mentioned before, I’m seventeen years old. Not the most important information about me but it does tell you that I have no clue whatsoever about life due to a serious lack of experience. Nah, just kidding. Or am I?^^

I think that the music a person listens to tells you a lot about someone’s character. As for me, I listen to basically anything sooo… ^^ Though, if you hit me up with some 70s and 80s music which I don’t already know I will love you forever. I’m a total sucker for that.

By the way, I play the piano. For about ten years now. That’s a damn long time. I still love it like in the very beginning, though.

Cooking and baking is some sort of therapy for me. May sound funny but I could spend hours and hours in the kitchen, the more difficult a recipe seems and the longer it takes the better. I even enjoy the cleaning up afterwards. As long as I’m alone doing so.

When I was younger, like twelve or thirteen years old, I set myself the goal of reading every important classic there is. I know, that may have been a bit much, a bit unrealistic and a teensy bit rash for little me but I promise I’m working on it. ^^

In my entire life there’s only been one profession that I’d like to do once I grow up. (Excluding my hopes of opening a ranch as a horse whisperer when I was five. My horse allergies got in the way of that…) I want to become a doctor and I really, really, reeeeeaaaaally hope I’ll be able to fulfill this dream.

As much as I fear seeming like a total nerd, I like going to school. Not only the meeting all my friends part (which is great too of course, I love all of them so much <3) but the learning part as well. The teacher part. The studying part. I don’t know, I simply like it.

Even though I often complain about it and you will probably hear me say stuff like “Never again” or “WHYYYYYY” loads of times, I love sports. It doesn’t matter if it’s watching a tennis match on TV or hiking with my mum, doing a workout for my (not exactly existing) abs or staying up late for a basketball game like Raptors against Celtics. I love them.

I envy and admire everyone who is able to express his feelings and thoughts through art. May it be an actual painting or drawing, music, poetry, writing in general or whatever one might consider as art, damn it, that’s incredible, that’s brave and a true gift.

About a year and a half ago (around the time when I got Netflix to be honest ^^) I started really enjoying movies and series. Especially the old stuff like Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman is awesome. I can’t stop watching something like Gossip Girl either, though. ^^

I suffer from an almost excessive tendency to use the expression LOL in my texts and probably also in my posts. Don’t worry, though, I do so ironically (haha) and don’t mean to be hip or cool or something. I hope you won’t mind. ^^

This is basically all you need to know. I think. ^^ So much for keeping it a brief introductino in order to not scare people off… Hopefully I succeeded at least partially and I’ll see you around the blog some time. That would be lovely. 🙂 xoxo

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