✏️Wonderful Wednesday #11✏️

I know, I know, I'm terrible, I completely forgot to post anything the last couple of weeks. Well, actually not forgot but I just didn't have the time or when I got the time the emotional nerve to get myself up and start typing. I'm soooo sorry... On that note, I can't really promise to... Continue Reading →

🎞 Wonderful Wednesday #10 🎞

Wow, this is big. Real big. My tenth post in this series. The first time that one figure isn't enough to count my posts. AHH! However, this isn't even what I'm thankful for today. ^^ Just a little side note that I still enjoy doing this. A lot. Today, I thank the world, the gods/the... Continue Reading →

💛Wonderful Wednesday #6💛

I've just now realised I didn't post a Wonderful Wednesday tag last week. I'm eternally sorry to have left you aching for another one but not fulfilling your wishes... I'm terrible... It won't happen again (ok, maybe it will but I promise, I swear, I vow not purposely!;) ) To make up for my default,... Continue Reading →

🦋Wonderful Wednesday #5🦋

Old movies. Like, seriously. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of the latest Marvel movies or a new Disney movie (I'll watch them till I'm 95 years or sth) but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, tops a good old 80s movie. Give me Dirty Dancing or The Breakfast Club and a hot chocolate and u got... Continue Reading →

🌿Wonderful Wednesday #3🌿

It's Wednesday and you already know what's going on! ^^ Wonderful Wednesday, a way for me to remind myself of how many breathtaking, startling and actually stunning things - and may they even be as little as a ladybird (a wonderful animal by the way ^^) - life includes. Especially this week I needed a... Continue Reading →

💓Wonderful Wednesday #2💓

Helloooooo! It's Wednesday so it's time to focus on the positive sides of life! ^^ To be honest, I've been looking forward to writing this post and have been wanting to do it since Sunday but I simply haven't had the time. Now I told myself though that due to its name I can't really... Continue Reading →

🌻Wonderful Wednesday #1🌻

Guess what I came up with! I'm planning on sharing something that makes my life wonderful each Wednesday. This is supposed to be a way to remember all the beautiful parts of life and find a counterbalance to some negative aspects. Enjoy! And maybe it reminds you of something you love about your life as... Continue Reading →

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