🀠 time for the countryside, yeehaw πŸ€ 

TRAVEL DIARY Hellooooo, guys πŸ™‚ yes, I do not only sound relaxed, I also am (because u can totally hear me rn, mhm). Today I got home from a three days trip to the countryside (not that I don’t live in the countryside myself lol) in the southeast of the country I live in and... Continue Reading →

It’s over

Travel Diary Ireland: Day Seven and Eight/Monday and Tuesday Oh gosh. By the time I've published this I'll prolly be back in my home country. Meehhhh... it's actually crazy how fast and on the other hand how slowly the last couple passed. It feels like I've experienced so much and on the other hand, it's... Continue Reading →

Lighthouses, castles and cliffs πŸ°

Travel Diary Ireland: Day 5/SaturdayBefore I start, a little piece of advice from an intellectual (me): Check out the band The Dead Tongues. I know, odd name but damn, I'm all over their music atm... heck, best idea would be to listen to their songs while reading this post(^^) or about Ireland in general, starting... Continue Reading →

Roadtrip ahead! πŸ—Ί

Travel Diary Ireland: Day One/TuesdayAlrighty, guys, currently I'm on holidays in Ireland (yaaayy) and I figured, why not try this weird travel diary thing. So, here goes.. ^^ First of all, let me tell you, this landscape! OMG! It's freakin' beautiful! Like, everything's green and grassy, covered with bushes and trees and flowers. And I... Continue Reading →

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