le petit prince

For all of you who aren't such French pros like me (haha that's a good one Christina 😉 ), le petit prince means The Little Prince. That's a book (and an adorable movie) written by the famous author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. (all French people please forgive me for my accentuation) My parents brought this book... Continue Reading →

Three touching songs… #1

Yes, sounds like a deeper topic but without further talking I'll only briefly introduce three songs which I totally like right now and which touched me in different kind of ways. 1. Piano man - Billy Joel Haha, I do play the piano but that's not what I like about this song. When I first... Continue Reading →

The Hate U Give #1

Okay,wow. I finished this book yesterday and I'm still flashed (at least a bit). It definitely made me more aware of the fact that even in today's world racism is an issue. We can deny it as much as we want to but we can't change the facts. Still, we got to do something. Every... Continue Reading →

Every Last Word #1

I just finished reading this book - Every Last Word - and now the only thing I want to do is to thank the author. Seriously, this book written by Tamara Ireland Stone touched me in so many different ways and I couldn't be more grateful. It was more inspiring I've ever hoped a book... Continue Reading →

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