✨ Wonderful Wednesday #8 βœ¨

Stars. Space. The universe. All of the above. Today is about the complete and utter fascination which stars and further celestial bodies withhold. Yeah, sure, they lighten up the night/the dark quite literally but they kinda have a deeper meaning, too. As I see it, the stars and the sky stand for dreams, for the... Continue Reading →

🀠 time for the countryside, yeehaw πŸ€ 

TRAVEL DIARY Hellooooo, guys πŸ™‚ yes, I do not only sound relaxed, I also am (because u can totally hear me rn, mhm). Today I got home from a three days trip to the countryside (not that I don’t live in the countryside myself lol) in the southeast of the country I live in and... Continue Reading →

Lighthouses, castles and cliffs πŸ°

Travel Diary Ireland: Day 5/SaturdayBefore I start, a little piece of advice from an intellectual (me): Check out the band The Dead Tongues. I know, odd name but damn, I'm all over their music atm... heck, best idea would be to listen to their songs while reading this post(^^) or about Ireland in general, starting... Continue Reading →

Roadtrip ahead! πŸ—Ί

Travel Diary Ireland: Day One/TuesdayAlrighty, guys, currently I'm on holidays in Ireland (yaaayy) and I figured, why not try this weird travel diary thing. So, here goes.. ^^ First of all, let me tell you, this landscape! OMG! It's freakin' beautiful! Like, everything's green and grassy, covered with bushes and trees and flowers. And I... Continue Reading →

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