selfcare for the complete and utter beginner: step two

Hellooo, my dear friends. It's the holidays and during that time of the year I always feel especially motivated to take a little extra care of myself. First of all there's blogging which is some kind of therapy to me and maybe you've noticed, I'm much more active now than a couple of months ago.... Continue Reading →

selfcare for the complete and utter beginner: Step 1

Ok, this is weird, I know, but for some reason I struggled with writing this post. Maybe it is that I lack inspiration. (No, it isn't) Maybe it is because I always try to do a little selfcare, find a reason not to and then hate myself for not actively doing something to improve my... Continue Reading →

💓Wonderful Wednesday #2💓

Helloooooo! It's Wednesday so it's time to focus on the positive sides of life! ^^ To be honest, I've been looking forward to writing this post and have been wanting to do it since Sunday but I simply haven't had the time. Now I told myself though that due to its name I can't really... Continue Reading →

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