Gossip Girl #1

I don't know how many times I've already watched this series. But it actually doesn't matter because I still love it like on the first day. Btw, if you are wondering, it's about a couple of rich New York Upper West Side teenagers and their problems. Most of the time it's not exactly realistic but... Continue Reading →

How to get away with murder #1

Oooomg... I am literally in loove with this series. 😍 I was actually watching American Horror Story and just wanted to give it a try and watch the first episode bc I heard somewhere that it's Melanie Trump's favourite serie (is this a clue guys?? 😉) but after I had finished the first one, I... Continue Reading →

Sherlock #1

I decided to write about series too because I'm watching Sherlock right now and I am totally excited about it. 😉 And I couldn't help writing a further post before school starts for me again. Just one thing to say: Wooow. Probably something Sherlock hears lots of times but I can't prevent it. He's such... Continue Reading →

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