✏️ Wonderful Wednesday #9 ✏️

Ok, I know what most people say and you probably think so too but I'm weird. I'm weird when it comes to school, to grades and all that kind of stuff. And because of my weirdness (or rather: it's one of the reasons for my weirdness) I couldn't wait to go back to school. Mhmmmmm,... Continue Reading →

Wonderful Wednesday #8 

Stars. Space. The universe. All of the above. Today is about the complete and utter fascination which stars and further celestial bodies withhold. Yeah, sure, they lighten up the night/the dark quite literally but they kinda have a deeper meaning, too. As I see it, the stars and the sky stand for dreams, for the... Continue Reading →

💛Wonderful Wednesday #6💛

I've just now realised I didn't post a Wonderful Wednesday tag last week. I'm eternally sorry to have left you aching for another one but not fulfilling your wishes... I'm terrible... It won't happen again (ok, maybe it will but I promise, I swear, I vow not purposely!;) ) To make up for my default,... Continue Reading →

To All The Boys #1

Okay, maybe you've read yesterday's post, maybe you haven't (in that case, here you go, a link in case you don't want to be missing out^^) but it arrived, yaaaaay! For everyone who hasn't read it (yet^^) I ordered the Lara Jean Trilogy from Jenny Han and it got delivered today. Honestly, I was expecting... Continue Reading →

🥀Wuthering Heights #1🥀

I'm sooo proud of myself. This has been by far the hardest classic I've read so far. When I say that reading it was hard for me u gotta consider that I'm not a native, still read it in English and struggled quite a bit when Joseph started talking in his Yorkshire dialect (I'm not... Continue Reading →

Americanah #2

I've just finished it, guys. And it was perfect. Not the book in its entirety, that's for sure. As I've already stressed in my last post about it (if u want to read it, you can do so here) I didn't like the beginning but my feelings towards the book changed when I kept on... Continue Reading →

Friends #1

I might be the ultimate stereotype girl who is trying to be vintage and aesthetic (to a certain degree of course^^) but this time, I swear it wasn't on purpose. This time I fell in love with something that most people would probably consider the ultimate Netflix show to watch when u need a cool... Continue Reading →

🌿Wonderful Wednesday #3🌿

It's Wednesday and you already know what's going on! ^^ Wonderful Wednesday, a way for me to remind myself of how many breathtaking, startling and actually stunning things - and may they even be as little as a ladybird (a wonderful animal by the way ^^) - life includes. Especially this week I needed a... Continue Reading →

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