Kilkee, the seemingly inconspicuous conspicuously extraordinary town 📍

Travel Diary Ireland: Day Four/FridayOkay, today's post'll be rather short cause I'm still a bit thunderstruck by some of the amazing impressions I got today... I can't believe though that it's the fourth day of our trip. Like, half of it has already passed by the time I'll upload this... crazy shit.. I don't wanna... Continue Reading →

Did you know there are seals along the coast of Ireland? 🌊

Travel Diary Ireland: Day Three/ThursdayHello my dear friends! Today we'll start without further ado. As mentioned yesterday, we stayed in Bantry at this lovely bed&breakfast. (If u should ever want to stay in this area, it's highly recommendable. The hosts are like the nicest people ever, welcoming and talkative, they easily make you feel at... Continue Reading →

Friends #1

I might be the ultimate stereotype girl who is trying to be vintage and aesthetic (to a certain degree of course^^) but this time, I swear it wasn't on purpose. This time I fell in love with something that most people would probably consider the ultimate Netflix show to watch when u need a cool... Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones #1

Game of Thrones, Baby! I'm officially an addict as well. And no, I didn't started watching the series. I started reading the books. 😉 Well, I gotta admit, so far, I'm still struggling to remember all of those hundreds and hundreds of names. But I'm happy to do so because this row of books might... Continue Reading →

How to get away with murder #1

Oooomg... I am literally in loove with this series. 😍 I was actually watching American Horror Story and just wanted to give it a try and watch the first episode bc I heard somewhere that it's Melanie Trump's favourite serie (is this a clue guys?? 😉) but after I had finished the first one, I... Continue Reading →

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