Did you know there are seals along the coast of Ireland? 🌊

Travel Diary Ireland: Day Three/ThursdayHello my dear friends! Today we'll start without further ado. As mentioned yesterday, we stayed in Bantry at this lovely bed&breakfast. (If u should ever want to stay in this area, it's highly recommendable. The hosts are like the nicest people ever, welcoming and talkative, they easily make you feel at... Continue Reading →

🦋Wonderful Wednesday #5🦋

Old movies. Like, seriously. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of the latest Marvel movies or a new Disney movie (I'll watch them till I'm 95 years or sth) but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, tops a good old 80s movie. Give me Dirty Dancing or The Breakfast Club and a hot chocolate and u got... Continue Reading →

Basketball… WHAT?

Yeah, maybe it surprises some of you (and to be honest, it also surprised me) but I found out I'm a huge fan of basketball, especially (mostly) the NBA. If you would have asked me about this a few weeks ago, well, let's just say I wouldn't have agreed with you. Okay, yes, I would... Continue Reading →

Three touching songs… #1

Yes, sounds like a deeper topic but without further talking I'll only briefly introduce three songs which I totally like right now and which touched me in different kind of ways. 1. Piano man - Billy Joel Haha, I do play the piano but that's not what I like about this song. When I first... Continue Reading →

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