Wuthering Heights #1

I'm sooo proud of myself. This has been by far the hardest classic I've read so far. When I say that reading it was hard for me u gotta consider that I'm not a native, still read it in English and struggled quite a bit when Joseph started talking in his Yorkshire dialect (I'm not... Continue Reading →

Wonderful Wednesday #5

Old movies. Like, seriously. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of the latest Marvel movies or a new Disney movie (I'll watch them till I'm 95 years or sth) but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, tops a good old 80s movie. Give me Dirty Dancing or The Breakfast Club and a hot chocolate and u got... Continue Reading →

The Great Gatsby #1

Whew, I've never expected me to finish a somehow classic in less than a week but here I am after just two days of reading and absolutely stunned. Keeping it short, I am surprised. I did expect The Great Gatsby to be interesting regarding its way of being written since it's nearly a hundred years... Continue Reading →

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