To All The Boys #1

Okay, maybe you've read yesterday's post, maybe you haven't (in that case, here you go, a link in case you don't want to be missing out^^) but it arrived, yaaaaay! For everyone who hasn't read it (yet^^) I ordered the Lara Jean Trilogy from Jenny Han and it got delivered today. Honestly, I was expecting... Continue Reading →

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens agenda #1

Even though I hate to be that kind of person (yeah, actually not so much ^^) I told you I wouldn't post as regular as during my holidays. Just saying... ^^ Anyway, after three days of taking a break, I'm back with a review. Yeah, I figured after some days telling you guys exclusively about... Continue Reading →

Wuthering Heights #1

I'm sooo proud of myself. This has been by far the hardest classic I've read so far. When I say that reading it was hard for me u gotta consider that I'm not a native, still read it in English and struggled quite a bit when Joseph started talking in his Yorkshire dialect (I'm not... Continue Reading →

獨onderful Wednesday #3

It's Wednesday and you already know what's going on! ^^ Wonderful Wednesday, a way for me to remind myself of how many breathtaking, startling and actually stunning things - and may they even be as little as a ladybird (a wonderful animal by the way ^^) - life includes. Especially this week I needed a... Continue Reading →

Americanah #1

It's half past 11pm where I live and I have to distract myself from the massive chain of thoughts in my head soo I figured, why not go for a blog post? ^^ As it's been a while since my last post about books I'm going to write about a novel which I'm not entirely... Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones #1

Game of Thrones, Baby! I'm officially an addict as well. And no, I didn't started watching the series. I started reading the books. Well, I gotta admit, so far, I'm still struggling to remember all of those hundreds and hundreds of names. But I'm happy to do so because this row of books might... Continue Reading →

le petit prince

For all of you who aren't such French pros like me (haha that's a good one Christina ), le petit prince means The Little Prince. That's a book (and an adorable movie) written by the famous author Antoine de Saint-Exup矇ry. (all French people please forgive me for my accentuation) My parents brought this book... Continue Reading →

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