The Dark Artifices #1

Good morning, birdies! (whoa, that's a greeting I've never done before lol) Today I'd proudly like to talk about books. Finally, right? ^^I haven't done a post on books for ages. Sooo, I know some of you probably exceed this but I actually read over 30 books during the last two months of quarantine so... Continue Reading →

To All The Boys #1

Okay, maybe you've read yesterday's post, maybe you haven't (in that case, here you go, a link in case you don't want to be missing out^^) but it arrived, yaaaaay! For everyone who hasn't read it (yet^^) I ordered the Lara Jean Trilogy from Jenny Han and it got delivered today. Honestly, I was expecting... Continue Reading →

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens agenda #1

Even though I hate to be that kind of person (yeah, actually not so much ^^) I told you I wouldn't post as regular as during my holidays. Just saying... ^^ Anyway, after three days of taking a break, I'm back with a review. Yeah, I figured after some days telling you guys exclusively about... Continue Reading →

Wuthering Heights #1

I'm sooo proud of myself. This has been by far the hardest classic I've read so far. When I say that reading it was hard for me u gotta consider that I'm not a native, still read it in English and struggled quite a bit when Joseph started talking in his Yorkshire dialect (I'm not... Continue Reading →

Americanah #2

I've just finished it, guys. And it was perfect. Not the book in its entirety, that's for sure. As I've already stressed in my last post about it (if u want to read it, you can do so here) I didn't like the beginning but my feelings towards the book changed when I kept on... Continue Reading →

獨onderful Wednesday #3

It's Wednesday and you already know what's going on! ^^ Wonderful Wednesday, a way for me to remind myself of how many breathtaking, startling and actually stunning things - and may they even be as little as a ladybird (a wonderful animal by the way ^^) - life includes. Especially this week I needed a... Continue Reading →

Americanah #1

It's half past 11pm where I live and I have to distract myself from the massive chain of thoughts in my head soo I figured, why not go for a blog post? ^^ As it's been a while since my last post about books I'm going to write about a novel which I'm not entirely... Continue Reading →


HUMANS - A Brief History Of How We Fucked It All Up This book. THIS BOOK! Ugh, guys... Written by Tom Phillips it's my most recent finish and damn, I have no clue where to begin. It is seriously one of the best books I've ever read. Why? Well, let me tell you. One could... Continue Reading →

The Great Gatsby #1

Whew, I've never expected me to finish a somehow classic in less than a week but here I am after just two days of reading and absolutely stunned. Keeping it short, I am surprised. I did expect The Great Gatsby to be interesting regarding its way of being written since it's nearly a hundred years... Continue Reading →

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