✏️Wonderful Wednesday #11✏️

I know, I know, I’m terrible, I completely forgot to post anything the last couple of weeks. Well, actually not forgot but I just didn’t have the time or when I got the time the emotional nerve to get myself up and start typing. I’m soooo sorry…

On that note, I can’t really promise to better my posting activity because I know myself and my habits well enough to know that during a stressful time, I’ll probably always choose my schoolwork or a small time frame for doing nothing over writing something on here. Which probably makes me a horrible blogger but I guess you could say I’ve ordered my priorities and intend to stick to them.

Anyway, this apology isn’t supposed to make out my entire post for this Wednesday, so let’s go back to my actual topic. Not gonna lie, lately it’s been quite a challenge to focus on positive aspects on my life. I only partially know what keeps dragging me down and I assume there are still a lot of other factors working (or rather wrecking) my emotional state of being. But hey, I mean, that’s life, isn’t it? And I’m convinced it will look up again at some point. 🙂

Another paragraph and I still haven’t listed the reason I’m thankful for today. I better get at it then. ^^ Today, I’m grateful for drawing. Yes, drawing with a pencil, a sheet of paper, looots of rubber because I constantly make mistakes ahaha and my imagination or a model I copy. It’s basically the only thing that distracts me enough to not feel all the other stuff, to not think about all the other stuff. Boy, sometimes it even makes me proud how my drawings end up looking. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m not a skilled artist, it can look really bad at times, especially when I work without a model. However, I don’t give a shit. It might take a whole bunch of time which I mostly don’t have but it’s calming and satisfying, demanding my full concentration on what’s in front of me, instead of what’s going on inside of me. I guess you could compare it to some sort of therapy, only that in therapy you usually confront yourself with your troubles and here, I more or less push them aside for a moment. Probably over time not the best way to go but for now, it’s more than sufficient to feel better. And for that I’m grateful as fuck…

No matter how I’m feeling at the moment, I hope you guys still had a lovely few weeks and didn’t miss me too much lol. ^^ Wish you a nice, remaining Wednesday! 🙂

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    1. Wow, thank you so much 🥰 but sadly, I can’t really help you … I’m not exactly an expert myself haha ^^ but I think the most important thing is not to pressure yourself to post like every day or week or sth, just when you feel like it or find a topic you wanna write about. And also, write about sth you enjoy writing about, find topics you find interesting. Forcing yourself to create posts in general doesn’t really work out, soo 🙂

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