🎞 Wonderful Wednesday #10 πŸŽž

Wow, this is big. Real big. My tenth post in this series. The first time that one figure isn’t enough to count my posts. AHH! However, this isn’t even what I’m thankful for today. ^^ Just a little side note that I still enjoy doing this. A lot.

Today, I thank the world, the gods/the God but mostly my especially careful dad for my analogue camera. I only recently discovered that my dad had one hidden (or not particularly hidden, more like stored out in the open but unnoticed by me for years) in his office, ready for me to finally realise how much I want to start taking photos with a film instead of leaving digital traces of my experiences all over my iCloud. (Funnily enough, I let the pictures be digitalised when developed nonetheless. :D)

For my first rodeo, I took the camera with me to Ireland. Me, completely inexperienced in the art of taking pictures, especially on how an analogue camera works in comparison to a digital one. The camery, only providing a certain amount of pictures on one film and desperately hoping for me not to waste the space on it.

I wouldn’t go so far as to claim I did perfectly. But it worked. And I fell in love. There is something about the carefulness you have to treat the light-sensitive film with, how you can’t let one beam of light touch it, how you are able to get ahold of a moment in your life and not change anything, and I mean anything, about how you captured it. Compared to taking normal pictures, it’s rather expensive (About 25 euros for only 36 pictures or less) but as far as I have experienced it, it is worth it. Only a couple of days ago I received my first shots. Not all of them look good but I’m proud of me for taking them. It’s fascinating. Something that no one in this world can alter, even if trying. A memory captured in a moment captured in a simple photograph. Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

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