✏️ Wonderful Wednesday #9 ✏️

Ok, I know what most people say and you probably think so too but I’m weird. I’m weird when it comes to school, to grades and all that kind of stuff. And because of my weirdness (or rather: it’s one of the reasons for my weirdness) I couldn’t wait to go back to school. Mhmmmmm, I knowww. ^^
Soo, today I’m grateful for school. And I do mean this one, often grey, sometimes (rather seldom) boring, for some people suffocating place where you have to go on a daily basis for at least nine years (at least where I live) but mostly even longer and listen to a couple of older, sometimes weird guys talk about the world and stuff. Yeah, don’t judge me. ^^

For me, school started again three days ago, so this week’s Monday and I can’t express how much I missed school during the nine weeks of holidays I had. Especially during the last few weeks. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that all of my friends are in school and I can see them every single day. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the only reason why school means so much to me.

Despite all the work and effort you have to put into, it’s a place where you can grow, thrive, evolve to be a greater person. I know, trust me, I KNOW, that sounds cheesy as hell and everyone who knows me in person probably breaks out into a massive face palm and instantly shakes his head because with this post I am completely and utterly agreeing with everyone who has ever called me a geek, a nerd or whatever. (Although, I’m actually proud of being called that.)

School gives me routine, gives me goals, gives me satisfaction when I finish something and makes me be ambitious and aspiring. And I love that. Sure, there are enough difficult, stressful, busy af times and school does have an incredible impact and puts a lot of pressure on me but I honestly can’t imagine a teenage life without the consistency of school. I love learning new things, I love broadening my horizon, I love organising (though, I can’t always bring myself to do it^^) and I love achieving something. Something I can be proud of. That’s a great part of school for me. And for that I’m grateful. 🙂

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