Wonderful Wednesday #8 

Stars. Space. The universe.

All of the above.

Today is about the complete and utter fascination which stars and further celestial bodies withhold. Yeah, sure, they lighten up the night/the dark quite literally but they kinda have a deeper meaning, too. As I see it, the stars and the sky stand for dreams, for the unknown, for our future where we forge our own luck, our very own fate.

Stars give hope that there is something more than we are able to see at the moment. They spread hopefulness and an eagerness for what comes next. Like, we can literally only see a bright spot on the firmament at night but actually it’s a huge ball of gas and fire somewhere millions of light years away. And if the fact that (even though there is so much to a simple star) on first sight we only realise so little about them doesn’t speak for endless possibilities in our own world, push us to look forward, to dig deeper, I genuinely don’t know what does.

Not only does the mystery of the stars tell us to not settle for what we see on first sight, to hope for our dreams, it also bears this feeling of ultimate reassurance. Like, the universe is ginormous, I, however, am just a teensy, tiny part of it, of this huge thing. And the knowledge of being more or less irrelevant in the greater picture makes a failed math exam or relationship troubles suddenly seem small and instead of earth-shattering rather like a minor milestone on the way of life. (Not to sound cheesy or anything^^)

And when I look at the stars at night, at this bright, shining, promising jungle of countless suns, my fear of living my life shrinks. My fear of failing, my pain and my sorrows, everything turns to be smaller and less important. Sure, the fear doesn’t vanish because after all, even such wonders as the stars aren’t magicians. Because the last bit of doubt is something I have to work on myself. But it makes it a lot easier to focus on something bigger than oneself in order to, well, overcome one’s problems and evolve into something bigger oneself.

I’m writing this post at 1.35am and I’m looking out of the window, at the stars and it feels like I’m breathing in calmness with every time I look at them. At the vastness of the universe. And for that, I’m grateful.

Good night. 🙂

( I did end up making this sound cheesy as hell. I hope u don’t mind my little emotional outbreak.. ^^ but just so u know, I mean all of it)

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