🤠 time for the countryside, yeehaw 🤠


Hellooooo, guys 🙂 yes, I do not only sound relaxed, I also am (because u can totally hear me rn, mhm). Today I got home from a three days trip to the countryside (not that I don’t live in the countryside myself lol) in the southeast of the country I live in and let me tell you… it was beautiful. (But also, let me just share that nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, ever dropped anything close to a ‘yeehaw’ during that trip so it’s not like total countryside in the middle of nowhere if u know what I mean. And now I’m rambling useless shit, I’m sorry, enjoy this post:D)

Alright, the story behind the trip is that my grandma turned 70 this year and our present was to all come together and spend a weekend with each other. Like, the entire family. Which means 16 people. Usually. Of which we count two especially loud and screaming children slash my two youngest cousins. Yeaaaah …^^ nah, I love them, they’re great. ^^ Anyway, it could not have been a better idea. At least I think that getting all together, especially since my family is spread across the entire country, is such a nice thing. Just hanging out with each other, talking, laughing, bonding (or in my case: awkwardly sitting next to the “adults” and never really knowing what to say cause I’m socially awkward in general and that turns especially bad when I’m surrounded by my entire, big family, yayy) Ok, maybe I just made it sound horrible but it’s actually really nice leaning back and listening. 🙂

However, I think what I’ll prolly cherish the most and the longest in my memory is the chocolate museum we visited on Friday. Gosh, guys, there does exist a place called heaven … it was freaking amazing. Chocolate over chocolate over chocolate …. I literally couldn’t stop eating cause once i was done with one sample, they provided another couple bites to try and fall in love with… Seriously, I’m saying that as someone who has a high tolerance concerning sweets and chocolate and stuff and is one hell of a sweet tooth in general but even I reached a point where I doubted the possibility of ever eating anything again and was sick to the bone. (Will def go there again though at some point^^ cause that’s me. Not ever enough of 300 different and free (!) chocolate samples (or better: included in the ticket) ^^ but who could, am I right?^^)

To be honest, in retrospect kicking it off with a chocolate museum wasn’t the brightest idea cause for me it could only go downhill from there. On Saturday, I went for a run with my dad, which def was a lot of fun and muted my guilt for eating far too much chocolate the day before for a while. It must be added that he woke me up BEFORE FREAKING 7am! On a Saturday! During my holidays! Believe me, it was a struggle rolling out of bed, especially since my brother placidly slumbered while I forced myself into my running gear … but the cool, crisp morning air, the rising sun and the little traffic were absolutely worth it. Oh, and the scenery of the whole area? Amazing. Sometimes even breathtaking…

The rest of the day passed pretty fast too. First, we went on a little hike (or rather walk) and enjoyed the warm, sunny weather. When the temperature climbed over 30°C, though, we all got enough and moved towards a big ham manufacturer close by. Not too belittle it because it’s a really great destination but I think it brought me one step closer to realising that I’m secretly a vegetarian. Or at least to like four fifths vegetarian. (Slash flexitarian or pescatarian) Because everything inside me screamed at me to not eat the fucking ham which we sampled after a little tour. If anyone would have placed a plate of noodles next to me, guess who would have instantly swapped out the plates without hesitating or double-thinking. I couldn’t even finish the entire plate. Alright, it was a big one but still. I think I’ll try to stay off meat for a while to figure out if I really wanna become serious about the vegetarian thing.

And today (Sunday), I got up all by myself (although I nearly overslept ^^) and went swimming. Damn, it felt freaking amazing. Yeah, I love swimming. Boom. Who would have thought? Nobody who knows me for the last ten years of my life, that’s for sure. But hey, who am I to not keep the surprises coming? Somebody’s gotta do it. ^^

Now, I gotta go to sleep, though. It’s exactly 2am and my eyelids are flattering for ten minutes straight. Good night, guys! Hope you had a lovely time too! ❤

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