The little guidebook for donut lovers in Dublin πŸ©

Travel Diary Ireland: Day Six/Sunday

So, guys, I’m gonna be honest with u, today was a rather unspectacular day. We haven’t spent every minute on exploring the irresistible secrets of the Green Island. I guess this time I’ll actually live up to the promise of a rather short post. We’ll see.^^

Alright, after having slept in Shannonbridge we couldn’t possibly miss out on this huge attraction a couple of minutes driving away. Clonmacnoise. I don’t know if this tells u something but Clonmacnoise is this monastery founded in the 6th century (so, aaages ago) which is to be found basically in the centre of Ireland. You can admire all sorts of relicts like stone crosses or the ruins of the former church and chapels there (which was pretty damn impressive, considering that despite multiple raids from all kinds of people the site is highly old).


After walking across the premises and watching a movie about the place (if u happen to go there, definitely watch the movie!) we moved on across the country to the other side of the island. Yeah, if u guessed Dublin, u guessed damn right. We’re finally back in Dublin after landing here last Tuesday! Yaaaaaaaayyyy!!!

We arrived some time at about lunchtime and checked in firstly. We’re staying at this beautiful hotel right next to the Liffey (can’t remember the name right now though.. sorry πŸ˜…) and I honestly can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow/today cause I imagine the buffet to be friggin delicious. ^^ Anyway, afterwards we decided to explore the city a bit and walked towards the downtown. On the way we already made our first stop cause I spotted this cafΓ© full of donuts and let me tell u, I ate a Honeycomb Crunchy Donut and it was … AHHHHH, sooooooo yummyyyyyy… 🀀 (the cafΓ© was called OffBeat, it’s right next to the Liffey too and totally the place to go if you’re a donut lover like I am)

OffBeat Donuts

After this little sugar rush, I got enough energy back to visit the Trinity college. And wow. The campus is gorgeous. The people are lovely. Everything sounds so interesting. As weird as it sounds, I’d love to start studying immediately… but only in an English speaking country lol. Now I gotta visit Oxford and Cambridge and then I can decide which university I want to fantasise about. ^^ (Yeah, prolly will stay fantasies cause it’s highly unlikely for me to ever study anywhere else but the country which I’m living in) Stupid me was too taken aback by the awesomeness of the university and forgot (once more) to take some pics with my mobile. Don’t worry though, I took a photograph or two with the analogue camera I brought with me to Ireland (yes, I started taking film photos!! Will def tell u about that some other time^^) and I honestly can’t wait for the outcome of all my photographs on the film.

Anyway, afterwards we got late lunch at O’Neill’s, a sort of pub/restaurant in the district Temple Bar (which btw is I think my favourite part of Dublin so far. Everything is so colourful and full of life, I love that) and I had vegetarian lasagna with chips. Gosh, it was awesome. ^^

And as a dessert I had another donut, this time Peanut Butter Chocolate and from The Rolling Donut. So, I don’t mean to offend anyone or spark a row or anything but OffBeat is sooooo much better than The Rolling Donut. Both donut shops were greT (obviously, since they’re both selling donuts) but the one from OffBeat was the exactly perfect mixture of soft and firm… aghhg, thinking about it, I want another donut…

okay, with such nice thoughts spinning in my head I’ll go sleep now.. ^^ I hope u have/had a nice day too and can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow (translation: can’t wait for the food I’m gonna eat^^)!

PS: I did it!!! It def qualifies as a short post xD

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