Kilkee, the seemingly inconspicuous conspicuously extraordinary town ðŸ“

Travel Diary Ireland: Day Four/Friday

Okay, today’s post’ll be rather short cause I’m still a bit thunderstruck by some of the amazing impressions I got today…

I can’t believe though that it’s the fourth day of our trip. Like, half of it has already passed by the time I’ll upload this… crazy shit.. I don’t wanna go home, mehhhh.. I’d rather stay here forever (or go to some other English-speaking country like the UK), walk along some majestic cliffs, smalltalk about the weather and how the rain is clearing up, keep on fantasising about me living a real life in Ireland or the UK without my parents and most importantly, be amazed by basically any tiny little thing coming across my path. Not necessarily tiny but whenever I’m on holiday I feel like anything is possible, like every little thing ought to be a part of the seven world wonders, I’m simply and completely hyped about anything. And I don’t wanna go back home to my normal day to day life (granted, only my life during the holidays but it’s still some kind of routine), my empty room, the feelings overwhelming me in my bed at night. Yeah, I’d rather stay in a place where I can randomly pull up to any grocery store and fetch some Reese’s or Scones or whatever further awesome stuff u guys have here. Well, so much for keeping it short. I haven’t even mentioned one single thing about the actual journey.. ^^

Back to business then. ^^ Alright, today started in Killarney with some pretty damn good grilled cheese toast and baked beans. Ugh, I just love the food here. Anyway, we took a horse carriage to take us from the centre of Killarney through the National Park and beside the lake to Ross Castle which does not only sound freaking amazing but really was cool. (Even though when leaving the horse stand I, clumsy as ever, managed to step right into a wonderful puddle of horse pee… congrats to me on that part…^^ Following that little incident, I “accidentally” ran through like a dozen rain puddles in order to clean my shoes haha) In general however, taking the carriage is highly recommendable. 🙂

Nevermind my misfortune, Killarney is like such a nice city. Tourists seem to love it, even though there were rather little due to the rain pouring down the greater part of the morning. We had coffee (or in my case: a gingerbread hot chocolate made with soya milk and topped with marshmallows. And yes, there is such a thing as heaven, I can confirm now that I’ve drunk this lol) in this cute café called The Underground in one of the main streets (don’t know the exact name) and I paired it with a sugar donut. Oh hell yes, I just do love the food here….

The view from one of the streets

After spending the first half of the day in Killarney, we moved on along the coast and across the countryside (with an incredible view, honestly) towards the town of Kilkee. We stopped at this wind mill, which was more or less unspectacular, on the way and took a ferry from the main land farther north to the Loop Head peninsula. (I think that’s what the peninsula on which u can find Kilkee is called) For me, it was the first time on a ferry and guess what happened! I saw a freaking dolphin!!! Or actually a couple of them. And well, more precisely I was the one freaking because of seeing dolphins, not exactly the dolphins freaking because they were seeing me. After discovering that seals exist in Ireland yesterday, the fact that the coasts are also inhabited by dolphins practically blew my mind. ^^

Afterwards, we had lunch in a pub in Kilkee, me being totally healthy and eating vegetarian ravioli when I could’ve had creamy smoked salmon pasta. (Gosh, what a dumbass I am.. In retrospect I’d always take the creamy salmon pasta) The ravioli were still nice though. 🙂

little girl on the beach of Kilkee

(this is a picture I took of a little girl, which I don’t know btw, showing off the beach of Kilkee and babbling in this cute baby gibberish. I really love this picture and I honestly hope neither the girl nor the parents of anyone mind it being on here.. I’m actually quite proud of the photo)

And then it happened. The moment where I was genuinely left speechless. (Which obviously doesn’t happen often after my encounter with the Blarney Stone ^^) We visited the Cliffs of Kilkee, not as well known as the Cliffs of Moher, though apparently the more beautiful but smaller sister of them. And they were beautiful indeed. Breathtaking rather. I can’t even decide which pictures I want to show u guys… and they are also the reasons why I’m still a bit.. well, kinda impressed and intimidated.

Cliffs of Kilkee panorama
A pair of seagulls

Another Cliffs of Kilkee panorama lol

That being said, I think it’s my time to stop now before this post really loses every single right it ever had to be called short or brief. ^^ hope u have/had a nice day too! ❤ I’ll end my day with my new book (which I got in Killarney because I finished the book I brought from home) Simon vs the Homo sapiens agenda in this adorable B&B called the Hilltop B&B (which has a beautiful view over the ocean, right next to the Cliffs of Kilkee), drinking some chamomile tea and eating chocolate cookies. Is there anything better) I guess I’ll see in the next few days… Well, at least I’m eager for what happens next, that’s for sure! ^^

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