Did you know there are seals along the coast of Ireland? ๐ŸŒŠ

Travel Diary Ireland: Day Three/Thursday

Hello my dear friends! Today we’ll start without further ado. As mentioned yesterday, we stayed in Bantry at this lovely bed&breakfast. (If u should ever want to stay in this area, it’s highly recommendable. The hosts are like the nicest people ever, welcoming and talkative, they easily make you feel at home. It’s called B&B Doire Liath) I had like THE best porridge ever, stupid me has never tried it with honey before and it was … delicious … ^^

Well, sadly we left right after breakfast towards an even smaller town (which I forgot the name of haha^^) and crossed with the help of a ferry the sea in order to reach Garinish or Garnish Island. And it was sooo worth spending travelling there. Gosh, we’ve visited this beautiful garden and on the way over we saw some real life seals doing the banana pose. (For all of u not knowing: the banana pose is what seals do when they feel happy and content. They sorta bow their body and look like a banana^^ it’s adooorable) Tbh, I can’t even decide which pictures of this little trip I like best..^^

The very right seal is doing the banana pose
Part of the garden on Garinish Island

As you can see, truly beautiful …

Next on, we started driving along the coast on these really, reeeaally narrow streets. Honestly, every time a car would meet us, I reckoned we wouldn’t be able to pass it without touching it or driving against it. However, those roads led the way partly around the peninsula of Beara and over the Healy Pass. Which gifted us with the most amazing views across the countryside and a couple of lakes.

The view from the top of the Healy Pass into the valley

After some time hiking around the top of the mountain and enjoying the view, we entered Gleninchaquin (National) Park (gosh, I have no clue if this is spelled correctly, I do hope so ^^) and admired a truly fabulous waterfall, enjoyed some incredibly sugary and sweet mini cupcakes which prolly contained the calorie intake of like an entire day a piece but still managed to be exactly what we all longed for and kept on driving to Kenmare where we had lunch and strolled across this little town. It’s quite touristically used and also well visited but not totally swarmed with tourists the entire time (thank god.. And yeah, I do realise I’m a tourist as well. The irony ^^). For the first time these holidays I ate some traditional fish n chips and yummyyyy, it was sooo goooood… topping it off with a Bailey’s White & Dark Chocolate Cheesecake, half a chocolate nut cookie and a vanilla creme brรปlรฉe chocolate truffle I was full till up to my hairline. Believe me, my trousers are becoming quite tight during our roadtrip here… ^^

the waterfall in Gleninchaquin National Park

Since Kenmare is only like twenty kilometres from Killarney (where we’ll say our third night) we kept on moving and stopped at a couple of sights in the Killarney National Park. Basically, we looked at all the most common attractions there such as the Lady’s View, a little path which was built due to the fact that the Queen visited this bay, the Torc Waterfall, which was a bit hidden but beautiful to look at, and the Muckross House, a huge and rather impressive estate close to the edge of some cliffs with these huuge gardens. We accidentally visited the latter when it was already closed which drove us to hurry up a bit with the admiring part (which is also why I forgot to take pics here as well…).

the view from Ladyโ€™s View
A rainy Killarney

Last but not least, we arrived in Killarney and enjoyed the rest of our evening in this lovely pub downtown. It’s called The Killarney Grand or sth similar and it was exactly like you would imagine an Irish pub. Or at least how I did. Dimly lit, lots of liquor, lively (live) music and loud chitchat. Of course, Guiness for my parents, a coke for me. ^^

First, they played a couple of Irish folk songs (which sounded already pretty damn cool) but right before leaving, another band started covering some oldies and ahhh, it was amazing … Sadly, we had to leave though cause in Ireland, minors aren’t allowed to stay out in pubs or anything later than 9pm or 9.30. Not even with their parents. The security guard noticed my presence a bit too late at about half past 11, so at least I was still able to hang out there for a bit. ^^

The Grand in Killarney

Our third day is over and it feels like we’ve already spent like a week here.. I know I’m gonna miss all of Ireland… but for now, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Hope u guys had a lovely day as well โค

PS: The place where I had fish n chips and the cheesecake was called something like McCarthy’s if I’m not mistaken. Can’t remember the exact name, I’m sorry … ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way, these posts aren’t sponsored or intended to be an ad of all the places I mention, just want to share the experience with you ๐Ÿ™‚

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