I kissed a stone and I (almost but not quite) liked it 💋

Travel Diary Ireland: Day Two/Wednesday

Ha, I’ve actually written this diary entry yesterday (so, theoretically I finished on time^^) but I decided to upload each of my entries the following day. Or later on (I honestly don’t know yet how much time I’ll be given to blog or anything). I hope you won’t get confused by me, prolly jumping in between the tenses haha

I’m not going to bed yet but we’re sitting outside of today’s restaurant, waiting for our table so I thought, if now isn’t the right time, I don’t know when is. (Except for the fact that my battery is nearly empty so I have to hurry up typing this^^)

Aaaalright, today we’ve started the day with exploring Cork for a bit. A cute city with two canals in its midst. We hit it off with a church which kinda looked like a smaller and not that cool version of Hogwarts but still, pretty damn nice. 😎

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral

Following to that we walked along St. Patrick’s street, I popped in at a bookstore while my dad wen shoe shopping (and people say, always the girls do stuff like that). For anyone interested, he ended up buying clothes instead of shoes hahahah^^.

Anyway, on our way back to the hotel we ended up in the English Market and guys, there’ve only been a couple of times in my life when I truly felt like I have reached (food) heaven. This was one of em. Gosh, so much yummy food and sadly, far too little time to try it all… we settled for some chocolates and a chai latte, bought scones for the next drive and left again. The leaving part was truly heartbreaking …

English Market

After driving for like ten minutes we reached the Blarney Castle and gardens next. And god damn it, I can tell you I’m deeply impressed by those vast grounds, those wild gardens and the immense queue in front of Blarney castle waiting to kiss the Blarney Stone. ^^Naturally, I did so too. Tbh, I’ve never feared falling down somewhere from this height like I did today. I’m rather little and had to slide to the very edge and stretch myself uncomfortably to be able to kiss the stone. I managed to though and I truly hope that from now on I’m gifted with the talent of eloquence which the kiss is supposed to give to me and all of the trouble was worth it. Anyway, I had lots of time to enjoy the magnificent garden as well. I envy everyone who is surrounded by this beauty more or less frequently..

Blarney Castle and Garden

The next stop we made on our way to Bantry (where we’ll sleep this time) was Inchydoney beach. I have the feeling that I need to emphasise that so, I do not mean to exaggerate or impress anyone but it was literally, figuratively and genuinely breathtaking. Nosing the fresh, salty air, dipping our feet into the blue, sometimes even close to turquoise water and digging the toes into the white sand with the green hills and partly cliffs in the background made this beach to be one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen.

Inchydoney Beach

Before arriving in Bantly, we visited the Dromberg stone circle which was pretty mystical but rather unspectacular. It’s a nice imagination that former druids performed rituals inside of it and it gives u a sort of reassuring feeling when standing in the middle but tbh, there isn’t much of anything else happening there.

Last but not least, we reached the final destination of our Wednesday trip: Bantly. A cute little town at the sea. We’re staying at this adorable B&B and currently we’re enjoying the sun on the main square, I think it’s called sth like Wolfe Tone Square. Basically we’re very much enjoying the atmosphere around here. Can’t wait to have sth to eat now though, I’m starving. ^^ hope u have/had a nice day too! 🙂

Little note on the side: the restaurant we went to in Bantry was called The Brick Oven and I can highly recommend it! The Sundae dessert was friggin delicioooouuuus🤤

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