Wonderful Wednesday #5

Old movies. Like, seriously. Yeah, I’m a huge fan of the latest Marvel movies or a new Disney movie (I’ll watch them till I’m 95 years or sth) but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, tops a good old 80s movie. Give me Dirty Dancing or The Breakfast Club and a hot chocolate and u got yourself a happy girl.^^

Snuggling up in bed with a thick, fluffy blanket, maybe some marshmallows or crisps when the snow or rain is going down outside makes even staying home alone on a Saturday evening with all your friends or acquaintances out to party a pleasant experiences. Or more precisely, an experience not to be missed. Even though it’s Wednesday I couldn’t stop myself and I’m watching Sixteen Candles right now. I think it’s my favourite one so far.. the cutest ^^ I’m not even sure why I like old movies so much, though. I reckon it’s because u can always be sure that in the end everything will turn out just fine. The protagonists end up together, the deadly assumed illness can be cured miraculously and basically everyone’s happy. That bares one hell of a reassuring effect on me.

In that spirit, I’d love it if u guys would leave some oldie recommendations that maybe even exceed Sixteen Candles. ^^ And I’d love to find some good black n white movies too if u know any.

Sorry, this post is rather short but I’m a bit distracted by the movie tbh ^^ hope u have a great night and till soon

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