Friends #1

I might be the ultimate stereotype girl who is trying to be vintage and aesthetic (to a certain degree of course^^) but this time, I swear it wasn’t on purpose. This time I fell in love with something that most people would probably consider the ultimate Netflix show to watch when u need a cool background for a tumblr pic or the ultimate logo for a nice print on a tee and I didn’t mean to.

It’s not like the headline gives anything away but I most recently started watching the series Friends. (Omg, surprise!) And how could it be any different, I love it. Pretty much all of my friends recommended it to me during the last couple of months and years but I kinda always refused. Now I can’t believe my own stupidity. How many hours passed by without me thinking about how hot Joey looks, how many shopping trips wasted without the style inspiration from Rachel or Monica, how many of my romantic thoughts not circling around the hope of Rachel and Ross ending up together… ughh, I could bite myself in the arse … ^^

Nah, jk, but I do think this sitcom borders to the genius of How I Met Your Mother (about which you guys can read here ^^). And let’s face it, coming from me that’s a damn good compliment. Currently I’m sort of binge-watching Friends even though I actually have loads of other stuff to do but hey, it’s the weekend and I deserve a little break from time to time. So, guess who’s gonna be glued to the front of the TV for the rest of the day?^^ have a nice Saturday, everyone! And if you’re bored, go watch Friends! (No advert or anything tho^^)

Credit from the featured pic: lol

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