Game of Thrones #1

Game of Thrones, Baby! I’m officially an addict as well. And no, I didn’t started watching the series. I started reading the books. 😉 Well, I gotta admit, so far, I’m still struggling to remember all of those hundreds and hundreds of names. But I’m happy to do so because this row of books might even endanger Harry Potter’s first place in my own pimg_2048ersonal ranking of most sophisticated and well-thought-out books. Like, how can even anyone remember or think of all those names and places and different personal histories? It’s like a never-ending jungle of all types of small background stories connecting all those characters combined. And resulting from that, the main plot arises.

And yeah, when starting to read I was definitely overstrained but by now I can somehow cope with all the information and I actually begin to understand, like, the gist of the story. So, I’m telling you guys I can’t wait to continue. By the way, if you’re wondering, I’m reading the second volume currently.

Well, that’s my post for today! Wish u a happy Sunday, babes! ❤

PS: the image shows my own German copies 🙂

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