After #1

You know what? I'm angry! I'm angry right now because I hate After. Okay, fine, I don't hate it. Currently I'm reading the second volume, After Truth (I think? 😅), on Wattpad and I'm constantly turning off my phone out of pure anger. And I know what I'm about to say next is probably a... Continue Reading →


Game of Thrones #1

Game of Thrones, Baby! I'm officially an addict as well. And no, I didn't started watching the series. I started reading the books. 😉 Well, I gotta admit, so far, I'm still struggling to remember all of those hundreds and hundreds of names. But I'm happy to do so because this row of books might... Continue Reading →

Everything Everything

I think I have already written about another book from this amazing author. Nicola Yoon, you are killin me. Why the hell can you write such intense stories?! Honestly, that shouldn't be possible. All her stories, her way of writing, her characters make me want to never stop reading. I love how she adds some... Continue Reading →

le petit prince

For all of you who aren't such French pros like me (haha that's a good one Christina 😉 ), le petit prince means The Little Prince. That's a book (and an adorable movie) written by the famous author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. (all French people please forgive me for my accentuation) My parents brought this book... Continue Reading →

Gossip Girl #1

I don't know how many times I've already watched this series. But it actually doesn't matter because I still love it like on the first day. Btw, if you are wondering, it's about a couple of rich New York Upper West Side teenagers and their problems. Most of the time it's not exactly realistic but... Continue Reading →

perfect mask. don't forget. to hide. what's underneath. -a very short poem by me 🙂

How to get away with murder #1

Oooomg... I am literally in loove with this series. 😍 I was actually watching American Horror Story and just wanted to give it a try and watch the first episode bc I heard somewhere that it's Melanie Trump's favourite serie (is this a clue guys?? 😉) but after I had finished the first one, I... Continue Reading →

Awards and stuff like that

Whaaaat?? I still can't believe it even though I've had some time now to get a grip about it. Somebody has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Which means I'm nominated for doing something good. Yaaay, you can't imagine how happy I am right now. Especially bc I was pretty insecure about opening this... Continue Reading →

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